C.A. Perry Customs
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C.A. Perry Customs is more than just a woodworking workshop; it's a sanctuary crafted by Andrew and Sarah Perry as a welcome respite from the rigors of day-to-day military life. Founded on Andrew's passion for woodworking (from watching his grandfather in the eastern plains of North Carolina), our husband-and-wife team finds solace in the artistry of crafting bespoke pieces and providing expert furniture repair services. Andrew's skillful execution of various woodworking techniques and Sarah's discerning artistic eye combine to create an environment where every creation is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship. At C.A. Perry Customs, we understand the importance of creating not only functional pieces but also havens of beauty and comfort. Woodworking is our escape, a therapeutic journey that allows us to pour creativity into every project. Our desire to please God in all we do is reflected in the meticulous care we bring to each piece. C.A. Perry Customs is where woodworking becomes more than a job, it's a heartfelt endeavor to meet the unique needs of our customers and bring joy to their lives.